-Very determined to do the play. Enthusiastic and wants to continue the play.Shown when cherry takes the blame for Doug when the fire lights in the toilet."It was me! It was me! Doug isn't to blame. I dropped a ciggie down the toilet. pg 23
-Has a thing going for Lewis during the play, very protective over Lewis in the instance of when Lewis kisses Julie and when Doug threatens he will get Lewis when he gets relised from the ward. " Just between you and me, Iv'e got a flick knife. If doug attemps anymore arson he's a goner." pg 34
"if he escapes and comes after you, have this for protection." pg 38
- Cherry is also a character who seems to be cut off from the world ‐ “What’s this about Vietnam…” she asks at one point, even though the Vietnamwar had been going on for nearly ten years.
- She is hot headed, and overaly passionate. Throughtout the play she is preoccupied with food, and is emotionally unstable, constantly making threats of violence, mostly towards Doug and Julie.


  • "You have to be firm with them"
  • (Quoting Henry's part) "Woman's constancy is like the Phoenix of Arabia. Everyone swears by it but no one has seen it"
  • With someone like you I could be true and faithful' (talking to Lewis, pg 34)
  • 'Kiss him again and i'll break your...' (pg 68)
  • 'This is the best part, isn't it? Not having to eat lunch in a ward. But in the theatre!' pg 20