Complete these questions today in class, after that they are homework which will be due tomorrow (7/5/10)

Step one:

Identify and read a section of the text that is a critical moment of ‘power and corruption’ in the text. The section needs to be an evocative, powerful and complex representation of ‘power and corruption’.
Chosen section: pages 88 – 90 of 'Animal Farm'

Step two:
Students answer the set of questions on ‘power and corruption’ on the selected section of text.
What kind of power and corruption is depicted in the section?
Who has power and who does not?
What led to the rise of power and subsequent corruption?
What was the aftermath of the corruption of power?
How are the characters affected by this rise to power and corruption?
How do they cope with the rise to power and subsequent corruption?
What do the characters say about the power and corruption?
Who is to blame for the rise of power and corruption?
Does this power and corruption relate to your own life?
What is the author saying about power and corruption in describing this incident?
How do the authorial choices about language and structure help to convey particular views of power and corruption?

Step three: Writing Style and Genre

Complete the Writing Styles Activity - the three resources below might help you to figure out the different text types. This activity requires you to read a range of text types and identify purpose, audience, style and tone. This will help you to know how to write your own in step four.

**Visuwords** online graphical dictionary: exposition
Here are some examples of imaginative pieces that deal with the theme of power and corruption

Step four:
Complete 9 point grid on the board - as a class brainstorm 9 ideas that you could write about and include the intended purpose, audience and language. Listen to a range of ideas from your classmates, but only the ideas that can be justified may enter the grid on the board. These ideas serve as prompts for writing pieces that you could complete for the context 'power and corruption', so they need to be based on this theme.
'Show me a leader and I'll show you corruption of power'
(any story that has underlying message about power and corruption)
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Opinion Piece
'Big businesses all misuse their power in some way'
'An uprising against power and corruption'
'Dear boss, I resign due to the corruption at my workplace'
Letter to the editor
'Communism just can't work'
Multimodal -animation, storybook, advertisement
'Allegorical tale of a dictatorship'
News article
'Salary Cap Breaches rife in sports'
Identify the Purpose and Audience for the piece you are going to choose.

Step five:
Choose one of the writing pieces from the grid and write 600 words.