Role in the play:
Doug's role in the play is the instigator of important circumstances, that leads Lewis to lie so that the play can continue. Doug is also a very big part of the comedy part of the play.
Doug shows the audience the 'crazy' side of insanity that was a view of the general public in the early years of beggining to understand the insane.
Adjectives and quotes for characterisation
  • continuously sets fire to objects and buildings that leads to his removal from the play and the open ward in the asylum.
  • verbally insults many characters making them dslike or hate him

  • we find out that he has conflict with his mother that has lead him to be admitted to the asylum.
  • he has a argumentative relationship with cherry that creates tension amongst them and leads to a sort of mini war between the two.
  • he deosn't seem to be battling with his pyromania through the play, however he is under constant supervision that suggests he is either struggling against the pyromania or against the establishment for holding him back.

Doug seems to get his motivation with the wish to simply create havoc. It seems as though his character is only included to create the small twists and turns in the story that lead to the climax.
The character's views on any of the topics above that are relevant (mental illness, Vietnam War, love and fidelity, illusion and reality)