​Role: What role does this character take on in the play?

Elizabeth proctor takes on the role of being the the lady who elizabeth_proctor.JPG
has never lied and who is a good woman. Elizabeth had to be
there when John needed her, he needed to compare himself to
her because she was such a good woman and he wasn't the best man.

Adjectives: A list of descriptive words to describe the character in detail
stand up
Up right

Quotations: A list of key quotations spoken by them or about them that shed some light on their character
Elizabeth " I cannot judge you John"
Elizabeth: It needs a cold wife to prompt lechery

Actions: What actions do they take to get what they want?
Elizabeth proctor

Obstacles: What is in their way? What obstacles keep them from getting what they want?
Abigail is in the way of keeping Elizabeth Proctor from becoming free again. Abigail will do anything to make sure she gets hung.

Conflicts: What type of conflict does that character face? How do they deal with conflict?
Elizabeth Proctor faces some conflict, she gets brought into something that has nothing to do with her. John Proctor commited the crime of adultery and Abigail fell in love with john. Abigail tells the court men that Elizabeth was seen with the devil, so she can get rid of Elizabeth and Abigail can move in.

Motivations: What do they want? What is their motivation in the play?
Elizabeth wants John Proctor to love her, and for Abigail to drop her charges so they can live happily. Elizabeth only wants to be the good loving woman of John, she denies him commiting adultery because she is afraid for his safety. Elizabeth Proctor's motivation is John and the thought that he will love her when it is all over and that abigail will be out of their lives.