Hello and welcome to the MacKillop 2012 Year 12 English Wiki!

A wiki is an online collaboration tool, used for sharing ideas, resources and work in progress. Multiple people can create and edit content on an unlimited number of pages - so basically being part of a wiki means building an interactive website with other people. One of the good things about wikis is that they continually save a version of the site each time an edit is made; so if you make a mistake and accidentally make a change, you can always go back to the previous version of the page. This also means that if you make any edits that might be considered inappropriate, your teachers will have a record of the edit and the user who is responsible.

HELP! Click here if you would like more information on wikis and instructions on how to use them.

It is important to fully consider the implications of being a member of a wiki - that you are collaborating as part of an online forum that is being monitored by your teachers and that you may be editing the content of others and having your content edited, which may be an unusual situation for many people. As such, protocols are necessary to ensure that the wiki runs efficiently and with a set purpose in mind.

User Name Protocols: you need to use EITHER of the following for your user name: Your MacKillop student ID - first three letters of your LAST NAME, followed by the initial of your FIRST NAME, followed by your 4 LETTER student number OR Your full name eg. JadeJackson (this is due to some students also doing IT and this is the protocol they have been asked to use, which is also acceptable). If you use another name, you will not be accepted as a user on this wiki.

By becoming a member of this wiki, you are agreeing to abide by the following protocols:

  • Use respectful language appropriate to the pupose and audience
  • Add to and comment on the work of others rather than deleting/replacing it
  • Abide by the user name protocols - use your name or student id as your user name eg. collj1502
  • Keep your login password a secret
  • Use Standard Australian English, not 'netspeak'
  • Do not put personal information on the wiki
  • Keep file sizes down - images should be compressed, videos should be linked rather than embedded etc.