Use the questions on the webquest sheet to guide your research into the historical and social context of the novel. The following websites and study guides have been provided to help you search efficiently. For each answer you give, provide a minimum of two to three sources for your answer - you need to write a response in your own words and verify your answer by using multiple sources of information.

Contextualising the novel

The Plague

The following websites and the ppt presentation to the right are on the 'Black Death', an earlier outbreak. They are still useful to understand the nature and symptoms of the disease:

These websites focus specifically on the great plague of 1665, the outbreak that forms the basis of Year of Wonders:

The great fire of London:

Plague in the village of Eyam

Study Guides and Resources

Discussion on 'Enough Rope' with Geraldine Brooks:
Review of the novel
'Annus Mirabilis' by John Dryden:
ebook complete text
audio files of the poem

Reading and Responding Activities